Two Thousand and Seventeen

Oh what a year, you guys! I see now that I didn't do a year in review of 2016, but that year (and I'm sure that everyone can back me up on this) was shit. Some absolutely shitty things happened: a dear friend suddenly passed away, Dizzy had to undergo not 1, but 2 surgeries, I got hospitalized for anxiety. Regardless, I was looking forward to 2017 and it has been splendid! Here's my quick recap of things awesome that happened:


Professionally, I won 2 very important summary judgment motions. It might not seem much, but having won two in a week put me on the boss's radar. Aside from that, I just remember being very cold, lol.

vintage fur coat


So this post on Honestly WTF and decided, ya know what? Let's embroider! Several months later, I'm starting on a new project and it's one hell of a hobby! 

Embroidered jacket


CUBA! This was one of those trips (like Brazil) that was on my bucket list. It was all sorts of crazy (more about it here), but my oh my, what a wonderful world we live in, no?

Pina Colada


I got hired by my current firm and started on this new journey. They're nuts, each and everyone one of the people I work with, in a way, its a weird quasi-family sitch (our food sharing has reached new levels) and I love it. Also, cheeseboat, it's amazing, try it.

cheese boat


The weather was getting warmer, days longer and the most logical thing to do was to dress like a fancy tablecloth. C'est la vie!

white lace dress


I went to beautiful Savannah for my friend's bachelorette and it was quite lovely. From very delicious and buttery food to the sights (also, open container policy, I mean, come on!) to some great company and conversation, it was a great weekend away with the ladies.

Wormsloe Plantation


We celebrated Brady's dirty 30 in style. Dinner at Delmonico's followed by a night out in Brooklyn's House of Yes to the wee hours of the morning. 

cherries in a bowl


Prancing in France is my favorite activity. As most of you know, Brady and I have been making our bi-annual pilgrimage to the land of phenomenal cheese and wine, stuffing our faces to our heart's content. Always a pleasure to go back and I cannot wait till we're there again because our friends, Elise, Mel and Francois, make it THE best time ever. 

Paris, France


Most of you know and some don't, but I have a ton of cousins and having them here is so fun. 1) they love to eat, 2) they'll go to wherever I suggest and 3) we get to reminisce about our childhood in Kazakhstan and bitch about our crazy mothers (still love ya, Mom!) Also, we adopted Shiva! Our little bundle of joy is from Puerto Rico and she's a fiesty one for sure!

calico cat


I turned dirty thirty! I honestly still feel like I'm 21 with Brady by my side and not a care in the world. But then there are times when reality comes through (hello shitty landlord and student loan bills!). Still though, it's a WHOLE new adventure and a new decade that I can, legitimately, not give a shit about what people think and just live. It's a very liberating feeling, truly.


This was our BIGGEST Friensgiving yet. I invited quite a crowd people and someone (*ahem* Brady *ahem*) was quite mad at me. But we resolved the issue fairly quickly, managed to feed twenty people. How? Not sure but I definitely am looking forward to our next one.

friendsgiving ideas


From parties to parties, it has been a splendid December. I've been quite busy trying to get some content going (as most know, I do have a full time job), and as we're coming to the close of the year, I'm trying to enjoy the time with my family and friends. So here's to a Happy New Year! May it bring everything and more that you wish for!

sequin fringe dress